Commission for Christian Family Life

Spiritual Director Fr Joseph Chai
Chairperson Peter Wong Hung Huang
Tel: 082-571518
Deputy Chairperson Michael Junim
Tel: 082-242634
Secretary Anthonius Sintang
Members Chan Lek Lim
Raphael Yeo
Christina Eng
Wilson Bangui
Robert Josem
Henry Goyem
Allan Tan
Walter Chambers
David Disam
Geraldine Law-Lee
Grace Tan
Felicity Anthonius


To build holy and wholesome families in the service of God and men.


  1. Develop love and healthy relationship among family members.
  2. Impress on parents to spend quality time with their children.
  3. Assist parents to form and bring their children up well.
  4. Look after the singles, aged and migrant families.
  5. Pass message on to parents to accept children lovingly from God.

Activities / programmes undertaken by the Commission

  1. Pre-marriage Course
  2. Asian Family Symposium
  3. Episcopal Regional Commission on Family
  4. Alpha Marriage & Alpha Parenting courses
  5. Marriage Enrichment Experience

For more information, contact:

Michael Jumin
The Archbishop’s Office
Tel. 082-242634