Burial Services

Burial Service in the Archdiocese of Kuching

General Information

  • When a death occurs, inform your Parish Priest or Parish Office to arrange for a date and time for Requiem Mass and burial.
  • Inform the Kuching Catholic Cemeteries & Columbaria Services:
    • for allocation of a burial plot (if no prior booking has been made).
    • to prepare the plot for burial at the appropriate date and time.
  • Contact the Catholic Mutual Benefit Society for services such as purchase of casket, transport and pallbearers. To prevent unnecessary confusion in dealing with our Catholic funeral rites or services, kindly avoid using or engaging with other Christian or non-Christian denominations in handling your needs.
  • If the use of the funeral parlour is needed, bookings can be made at the Parish Office of St Joseph (082-423424).


Parish Offices Click here for contact nos. of various parish offices
Church Service See any priest of St Joseph’s Cathedral (082-423424)
Burial Plot Kattelia Shim (082-242634, 016-8899237)
Funeral Services/
Catholic Mutual Benefit Society
Beatrice Mary Goh (082-244493)
Christopher Chin (On-call: 019-8563438)
Undertaker Simon Sim See Huat (013-8117616)
Memorial Monument Albert Sim Soon Chai (016-8899344)
Simon Sim See Huat (013-8117616)

Only contractors registered with the Kuching Catholic Cemeteries & Columbaria Services are authorised to erect and/or repair the monuments of your loved ones in our Catholic cemetery.


The bereaved family can enquire from the office/person in-charge for details pertaining to costs for various burial services and the burial plot.


Last updated: 19 June 2023