Burial Services

Burial Service in the Archdiocese of Kuching

General Information

  • When a death occurs, inform your Parish Priest or Parish Office to arrange for a date and time for Requiem Mass and burial.
  • Inform the Catholic Cemetery Committee:
    • for allocation of a burial plot (if no prior booking has been made).
    • to prepare the plot for burial at the appropriate date and time.
  • Contact the Catholic Mutual Benefit Society for services such as purchase of casket, transport and pallbearers. However, the bereaved family can also make their own arrangements.
  • If the use of the funeral parlour is needed, bookings can be made at the Parish Office of St Joseph (082-423424).


Parish Offices Click here for contact nos. of various parish offices
Catholic Cemetery Committee Archbishop’s Office
118, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg
Tel: 082-242634
Tel: 016-8933878
Catholic Mutual Benefit Society No 2 Jalan Taman Budaya
Tel: 082-244493
Tel: 019-8563438
Tel: 016-8954201
For Memorial Monuments: (Only contractors registered with the Catholic Cemetery Committee are authorised to erect memorial monuments in the Catholic Cemetery)

  • Sim Orchid Memorial Contractor (David Sim)
    Tel: 082-426113, 019-8182923
  • Hui Huang Construction (Albert Sim Soon Chai)
    Tel: 082-450481, 019-8875687
  • Simon Sim See Huat
    Tel: 082-617616, 013-8117616


The bereaved family can enquire from the office/person in-charge for details pertaining to costs for various burial services and the burial plot.