Commission for Youth & Campus Ministry

Advisor Fr Felix Au
Chaplain for Campus Ministry Fr Larry Tan, SJ
Chairperson Fr Ramon Borja, SDB
Tel: 082-237237
Youth Ministers Mr Julian Sim
Tel: 010-9659258

Ms Maria Amella
Tel: 010-9670781

Email: [email protected]


“Our vision is to be God’s instrument to bring the youth to experience God’s love and lead them to serve Christ and his Church”


(Present On-going formation)

  • to lead the youth to a deeper prayer life and personal experience of Jesus.
  • to encourage the youth to practice the Word of God in their daily lives
  • to organize or coordinate camps, seminars, retreats, exposure programs that deepen the faith and commitment to God of young people

(Long-term formation – Pastoral areas of activities)

  • to train and form Youth and Campus Ministers
  • to provide resource personnel for formation and outreach programs
  • to create awareness of the issues and reality facing young people today
  • to provide pastoral care for the youth and campus students
  • to provide information and enable networking for students in universities and colleges in East and West Malaysia.

For the programme of the year, see their schedule HERE.

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