Commission for Mission & Human Development

a) Mission and Evangelization
– Provide training and courses in mission and evangelization.
– Organize mission exposure programmes.
– Reaching out to Catholics and families who have lapsed from the Church.
– Promote Inter-Faith cooperation and dialogue to build a harmonious society.

b) Integral Human Development
– Provide forum for various Church ministries and groups to collaborate in areas of mission and sharing of resources.
– Offer pastoral care for migrants – from other countries as well as from the rural.
– Support education opportunities for the rural children and youth.
– Promote ecological awareness and action.
– Raise awareness in human rights and social justice.
– Partner with the lay organisations / ministries that are directly serving and committed to spiritual and corporal works of mercy.


For the sick, the poor and in need of prayers

Divine Mercy Apostolate
St Peter’s, Padungan
Michael Hii (019-8877336)

St Joseph’s Cathedral
Monica Ng (019-8868922)

For the sick and in need of prayers (Hospital visitation)

Legion of Mary (Kuching Commitium)
Joseph Wong (016-8628066)

For the poor

St Vincent De Paul
Mary Asi (014-2091015)

People with disabilities

Eunice Gan (019-8877092 [daytime only])

Funeral Service

Catholic Mutual Benefit Society
Mary Goh (082-244493)

Charitable arm of the Church to support the poor and needy with cash, in kind, medical aid via the Lenten appeal envelops organised annually.

Catholic Welfare Services
Dennis Endawie (019-8564957)

Pastoral care for migrants

Archdiocesan Migrant Ministry
Fr Andre Delimarta, SDB

Support education opportunities for the rural children and youth

Sisters of St Francis, Sarawak
Sr Catherine Uming SSFS (017-8591872)

Reach out to Catholics and families who have lapsed from Church and promote inter-faith cooperation and dialogue

Perpetua Phang (019-8580138)

Chairperson Fr Galvin Richard Ngumbang
Tel: 082-242634
Email: [email protected]
Vision – To promote Mission Awareness & Missionary Participation.
– To promote integral Human Development & Social Concern of our “Faith in Action”.

Last update: 4 July 2023

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