Funeral arrangement

Guidelines on the use of the Funeral Parlour, St Joseph’s Cathedral

The purpose of the funeral parlour is to provide a place for viewing and paying last respects to the deceased. The following guidelines shall apply:

  1. St Joseph’s Cathedral funeral parlour can accommodate only one casket at a time. Priority is therefore given to Catholic families who are from outstations, or whose own accommodation is inadequate.
  1. The use of the funeral parlour can only be approved for a maximum of 48 hours, so as to avail the limited facilities to others as well.
  1. A nominal fee to cover the cost of utilities and maintenance will be charged at:
    • RM300.00 per day/night (not exceeding 24 hours)
    • RM600.00 for 2 days/nights (not exceeding 48 hours)
  1. Booking can be made by completing the request form, obtainable at the Parish Office of St Joseph’s Cathedral. The Parish Administrator will approve the application on first-come, first-served basis.
  1. The following conditions are to be observed:
    • Religious rituals and prayers are to follow those of the Catholic Church. Other forms of religious rituals and prayers are not permitted.
    • Ensure cleanliness of the parlour. All disposables are to be deposited in the garbage bins provided.
    • Ensure that the air-conditioner, lights and water taps are switched/shut off and the doors are closed immediately after use.
  1. Booking of the funeral parlour does not include other funeral arrangements, such as the funeral service, burial plots, transportation, etc. We hope the following information will help you in making the arrangements.
General Contact
Church Service See any priest of St Joseph’s Cathedral (082-423424)
Burial Plot Kattelia Shim (082-242634, 016-8899237)
Funeral Services/
Catholic Mutual Benefit Society
Beatrice Mary Goh (Office: 082-244493)
Christopher Chin (On-call: 019-8563438)
Memorial Monument Albert Sim Soon Chai (016-8899344)
Simon Sim See Huat (013-8117616)


Last updated: 31 January 2024