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LETTER OF APPEAL: Maintenance of Kuching Catholic Cemeteries and Columbaria

To all families who have members buried in our cemeteries and all other well-wishers,

Over the years, the Church has taken as its responsibility to finance the upkeep of all the cemeteries and has never in any way charged families that have members buried there for maintaining these places. Such maintenance are more often than not, done on an Ad Hoc basis: in response to urgent requests of living family members. We realise that there is plenty of room for improvement in this matter.

To this end, we are appealing for your kind donation so that we can upgrade the various facilities, like proper footpaths and drainage, water supply, security, rubbish collection, beautification of the compound, grass cutting, car parking area and many others.

With this letter of appeal we are issuing out envelopes on, and before All Saints day and All Souls day in all City parishes, and at all cemeteries to appeal to all families who have members buried in our cemeteries to help fund the above endeavours. Please return these envelopes into the collection bags during weekend masses at any parish in the Archdiocese. (DO NOT give to RELA members on duty at the cemeteries). If your donation is RM100 and above and you would like us to issue a receipt, please make sure you write your address on the back of the envelope. The donation, however, is not tax exempted.

May God bless and touch all of you so that you may respond generously towards such a worthy cause.


The Custodian,

Rev. Fr Vincent Chin